• Jennifer Dagdigian

What We Built This Year: Paladin Platform Improvements 2021

Updated: Jan 7

Each year, we set out to develop even more effective influencer marketing tools for our customers. We made significant improvements to our influencer discovery, influencer relationship management, and campaign reporting solutions in 2021, driven by market needs and customer feedback. Here are the highlights:

Find Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube Creators

We redesigned our influencer discovery product from the ground up to make it even easier to find the right influencer every time. A few details:

  • Search our database of 28M+ Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube influencers

  • Filter based on followers, engagement rate, brand affinities, and more

  • Find influencers that reach your target audience based on demographic data like location, age, gender, and interests

  • Save your filters and sort your results

Influencer Reports

Want to learn more about an influencer before deciding to work with them? Our new Influencer Reports feature generates a detailed profile of each influencer, which includes the following:

  • Contact information (e.g. email address)

  • Audience age, gender, location, ethnicity, and language

  • Influencer & audience brand affinities

  • Audience quality

  • Similar influencer profiles (“lookalikes”)

  • Most popular posts

  • Previously sponsored posts

  • Most used hashtags

Updated CRM for Influencer Relationship Management

Influencers are the core of your influencer marketing strategy, so it’s important to manage your relationships effectively. Our new influencer CRM centralizes your influencer contacts in a private database, tracks your email correspondence with influencers, and makes it easy to track contracts, rate cards, and more.

See all your influencer details at a glance:

  • Contact information

  • Real-time social media analytics

  • Rate cards and influencer one sheets

  • Contracts and payment details

  • Historical campaign data

And so much more...

We won’t get into the weeds, but we released a number of other cool updates, including:

  • Instagram Reels support

  • New Twitter API v2 integration

  • Custom influencer data CSV exports

  • Shareable links for real-time influencer lists and one sheets

  • Improved campaigns overview with at-a-glance performance data

And (literally) thousands of other improvements, big and small.

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