The State of the Video Industry: A Conversation with VideoInk’s Jocelyn Johnson

The traditional entertainment industry is chronicled by well-known trade publications such as Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, and Deadline, collectively known as “the trades.” One of the few trades in the online video industry is VideoInk News. VideoInk’s founder, Jocelyn Johnson, is the special guest on this week’s All Things Video podcast. Hosts James Creech (Paladin’s CEO) and Luke Wang have a lively and wide-ranging conversation with Jocelyn, from her vision for VideoInk to “hot takes” on the state of the industry, MCN acquisitions, and SVOD platforms.

Highlights of the episode include:

  • Jocelyn’s mentor-inspired shift from Hollywood to digital media PR entrepreneur, working with entertainers (Felicia Day, Shira Lazar) and MCNs (Machinima, DanceOn, and StyleHaul) and creating VideoInk.
  • VideoInk’s mission to serve an oral history function, be a “tastemaker,” and provide “constructive criticism” for the digital video industry.
  • Jocelyn’s candid observations on trends in digital publishing, adtech, digital rights management, SVOD, and VR.

Listen to the episode here and subscribe on Acast or iTunes. You can also find Jocelyn’s podcast with co-host Peter Csathy, Digital Cabana, on YouTube.

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