Payments for new Creator Revenue Streams: YouTube Super Chat and Sponsorships

It’s been a terrific year for savvy content creators to benefit from new revenue streams to support their careers. With the launch of Super Chat this past January, YouTube offered audiences the opportunity to directly support the creators they love through live stream tipping.

At Paladin, we encourage creators to augment their income through as many revenue streams as possible. But in the aggregate, more revenue streams mean more earnings reports, additional line items, and more work overall for our clients. We’re committed to providing the best payments solution, so our team has incorporated revenue from the Paid Features report into the Paladin platform.

The YouTube Paid Features report includes Super Chat and gaming Sponsorship revenue. While we’re seeing creators and media companies in all verticals generate such earnings, Super Chat and Sponsorships are (not unexpectedly) most popular with live-streaming gamers. Rather than manually recording the gross earnings, applying your network’s percentage according to the contract terms, and inputting the net amount owed, Paladin’s payments module can ingest and automatically calculate the YouTube Paid Features report. All revenue streams are broken out in detail from YouTube Red UGC earnings to Super Chat. It’s all there.

And, in case you missed it, here’s news on Paladin’s ability to support YouTube Red Music payments and our new Asset Manager, which tracks video earnings that are missing an Asset Channel ID, so that those creators (usually musicians) will get their fair share. Since the initial release, we’ve added several new features to Asset Manager so you can now filter by CMS, take bulk actions, and assign revenue to a specific partner with one click.

Until our next blog. In the meantime, check out our Creator Relationship Management module (it includes payments!).


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