Entertainment for millennial moms: All Things Video Podcast with MCN pioneer Sarah Penna, Head of Awestruck

This week on All Things Video, the premier podcast about the online video industry, hosts James Creech and Jackie Koppell talk with Sarah Penna, Co-founder of influencer talent management agency Big Frame and now Head of Awestruck. Awestruck is a division of AwesomenessTV dedicated to content for the millennial mom set.

Check out the podcast on iTunes or via the Stitcher Radio app for Google Play.

Highlights include:

  • Sarah’s origins as a documentary filmmaker working at Al Gore’s Current TV, and her thoughts on what Al Gore is really like.
  • Her vision to provide “entertainment with takeaway” for young mothers worldwide.
  • The challenges of running a startup in the age of “entrepreneur porn,” when the focus tends to be on unicorns and entrepreneurship is portrayed as mostly glamorous.
  • Sarah’s hidden talents — for a time she was fluent in Nepalese!

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