Watch Time and Social Mentions: Let TubeBuddy track that for you.

To build a career in social video, it’s imperative to not only make great content but also to find all the chances to build a following and hit the touchpoints that cause platform algorithms (such as YouTube’s) to favor your content. It’s fairly well known that watch time is a crucial factor for the YouTube recommendation engine, with audience development experts like Matt Gielen theorizing that the overall goal is to keep viewers on the platform.

The same applies to social mentions and other opportunities to develop and maintain relationships with your audience.

But it’s not easy to keep track of all these important factors while making videos and running your business, whether you’re an individual creator, brand, or network. Never fear: our friends at TubeBuddy can solve that for you.

In this third and final installment of a guest blog series from TubeBuddy CEO Phil Starkovich, he explains the TubeBuddy Launch Pad Opportunity Finder. Don’t miss any more chances to increase your watch time or respond to your following.

Thanks Lisa. The life of a YouTube creator or brand on YouTube never stops. After one video has been published it’s on to the next. But while you’re working on that new video, what’s happening with your old videos? In what ways are you missing out on chances to boost their performance? Now, TubeBuddy can show you with the new Opportunity Finder.

TubeBuddy digests information from a variety of sources, including YouTube Analytics and public social graph data, analyzes the inputs, and provides users with actionable recommendations based on the results. Insights gleaned by TubeBuddy will help you determine what kind of content is most successful on your channel, how to maximize search terms and tag opportunities, and remind you to follow up on missed social media engagement. For example, TubeBuddy Launch Pad can find search terms that are currently driving traffic to your video and help you to easily add those terms as video tags. It also reveals social mentions on Twitter and comments on YouTube that you haven’t responded to or engaged with yet. Finally, TubeBuddy will identify relatively high or low watch time on a video compared to your channel’s average. If the video has very high audience retention, you should create similar content in the future. However, if the video has a high drop-off rate, this type of video should be avoided.

TubeBuddy Enterprise customers can enable the Launch Pad Active Monitor, which runs in the background and notifies you when opportunities are discovered on new uploads. This allows MCNs, brands, and other media companies to focus on content creation and other business essentials while TubeBuddy is runs silently in the background.

Combined with the Upload Checklist and Best Practice Audit, the Opportunity Finder rounds out the Launch Pad suite of tools ensuring that each new upload has the best chance of success.

Watch to learn how the Opportunity Finder works:

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Know your YouTube Best Practices? TubeBuddy Does.

As loyal Paladin blog readers know, our friends at TubeBuddy have an exciting new feature set called Launch Pad that codifies best practices in video optimization and makes them easy to review and implement. This TubeBuddy tech is incredibly useful for individual creators, and for the MCNs who subscribe to our enterprise version of TubeBuddy for the benefit of their partners.

We’re highlighting a new Launch Pad feature each week – this time it’s the Best Practice Audit. If you missed the previous installment, learn more about the Upload Checklist here.

TubeBuddy CEO Phil Starkovich is back for a blog takeover and video tutorial!

Best Practice Audit

At TubeBuddy, we’re all about automation and saving you time. But – we also want to make sure you’re following YouTube’s optimization guidelines, giving yourself the best chance of success. Our Best Practice Audit merges these two goals, giving you a way to programmatically validate your video metadata and quickly fix any issues found.

Users can kick off a Best Practice Audit from the Upload page or My Videos page on YouTube. The audit process scans the video title, description, tags, thumbnail, cards, annotations and more to ensure that they are properly applied to the video based on the YouTube Creator Academy and YouTube Creator Playbook guidelines. If any issues are found, the user is notified and TubeBuddy provides a simple way to fix the problem.

Enterprise customers using TubeBuddy can enable Active Video Monitoring for the Best Practice Audit. With Active Monitoring enabled, TubeBuddy will automatically monitor your channels for new uploads, process videos when they are found, and email you the results if problems are found.

For a complete walk-through on getting started with the Best Practice Audit, please check out the following video:

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