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In the last week of July, media were busily reporting the Q2 earnings of YouTube parent company Alphabet, with one analyst suggesting that YouTube as a unit is worth $75 billion (in other words, “five Twitters”). This is fantastic news for those of us who are bullish on YouTube.

YouTube’s continued success highlights one of our biggest preoccupations as a company: video creators are the bedrock upon which YouTube is built. How can we optimize the payments process for this crucial segment of the YouTube ecosystem so they can keep growing?

We have two exciting updates on this front, with payments use cases involving music content that have been outliers up until now.

Asset Manager

Much has been made of ensuring musicians receive the royalties owed to them from music streaming on YouTube. One of the challenges in getting creators paid is that there is often no linkage between monthly revenue report data and the artist that is owed royalties. This is because when an asset is uploaded directly to a YouTube CMS, there is no Asset Channel ID reflecting ownership in the revenue report data. Sure, there is an Artist field that can be manually filled when uploading Assets, but in our experience this is only done a small percentage of the time. So you can do a lot of claiming, but in these cases there’s no way to identify that revenue and pay it out to the creator efficiently.

So we took it upon ourselves to build a solution! Our new Asset Manager helps you assign revenue that lacks an Asset Channel ID back to a creator. Once you’ve assigned an Asset to a creator, our system will remember and pay them for that Asset in perpetuity.

As any Content ID user can tell you, an Asset ID is necessary to process incoming revenue from claims so it doesn’t sit unprocessed. Our new feature serves to bridge the earnings to the rights holder/musician.

YouTube Red Music

As our clients know, music calculations are significantly more complex because of the different rates of revenue for each country. Calculations become even more complex as YouTube Red expands to new territories (which, of course, is a good thing).

Pro Rata this, Per Sub Minimum that…who has the time? Probably not you. That’s why we’ve updated our YouTube Red payments calculation to include revenue from YouTube Red Music, and automatically process the correct payment rates for each country. Distributing royalties to artists is now much easier than before!

Thanks for bearing with us while we geek out about getting hard-working creators paid. We’re always working away on payments quirks, loopholes, and new use cases. If you work for an influencer network with a payments challenge that needs solving, reach out and let us know.

Coming soon: Automated solutions for assigning revenue from Super Chat and Gaming Sponsorships in creator payments, and more!

In the meantime, learn more about Creator Relationship Management with Paladin.

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Paladin Software Partners with Tipalti for Digital Influencer Payment System

We issued the following press release today about our partnership with Tipalti:

June 27, 2016 — Los Angeles, CA — Next-generation media technology company Paladin Software ( announced a strategic partnership today with the leading supplier payments automation provider, Tipalti (, to enable seamless payments to video content creators across countries, currencies, and payment methods.

Paladin, which powers more than 30 multi-channel networks (MCNs) and media companies, has integrated Tipalti’s technology into its platform to help participating clients streamline their payment processes and offer a more creator-friendly payments experience. Tipalti’s platform allows creators to receive payment in their local currency and select a desired payment method, including Global ACH, PayPal, prepaid debit card, wire transfer, and more. Paladin’s platform automatically calculates creator earnings, handles minimum payment thresholds, and provides at-a- glance revenue data for easy tracking. This new partnership with Tipalti creates the first fully integrated solution for mass creator payments from report ingestion and payment facilitation to financial reconciliation.

“Our partnership with Tipalti advances our goal of improving workflow and increasing productivity for clients,” said Paladin Co-Founder and CEO James Creech. “Payments automation is a primary focus for Paladin because preparing, delivering, and tracking payments quickly and accurately is mission critical for both networks and creators.”

“The ability to foster a global talent base is where every MCN needs to go, and creators’ satisfaction with the payment experience is key to winning and retaining the best of them,” said Chen Amit, CEO and Co-Founder of Tipalti. “For MCNs needing a clear advantage that scales easily and enhances creator satisfaction, Tipalti’s unique partnership with Paladin offers a one-stop shop for streamlining the entire payment lifecycle.”

The integration also assists participating MCNs during the creator onboarding proces by automatically collecting and vetting payment information and required tax forms. The entire tax compliance process is administered through a KPMG-certified solution. All payments are also checked against anti-money- laundering regulatory “Do Not Pay” lists prior to processing. Creators receive branded payment status communications, and can monitor their earnings and payment status in real time through a white-labeled Creator Dashboard powered by Paladin.

“Our creators are our number one priority. Paying them accurately and on time is crucial, so our team used to spend several days preparing monthly payments,” said Nick Smith, Head of Network Operations at AwesomenessTV. “Now with Paladin and Tipalti’s integrated payments system, we can pay tens of thousands of partners with just a few clicks and deliver a much better creator experience.”

About Paladin Software

Paladin Software is the premier technology company for multi-channel networks and digital media companies. The Paladin platform streamlines processes, increases efficiency, and grows revenue for media companies that represent more than 200,000 content creators and a collective 15 billion monthly views. Paladin Software has offices in Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and Kraków, Poland. More information about Paladin is available here.

About Tipalti

Tipalti is the only supplier payments automation solution to streamline all phases of the payment management workflow in one holistic cloud platform. Tipalti makes it painless for finance departments to manage their entire supplier payments operation. Leading companies use Tipalti to eliminate up to 80% of their supplier payments workload, helping them scale their business efficiently with global growth, while strengthening financial and tax compliance controls and while performing real-time payment reconciliation. That’s why companies like Tapjoy, GoPro, Jukin Media, Chartboost, GoDaddy, Eventbrite, Vungle, Disqus, Vimeo, Touch of Modern and hundreds of others trust Tipalti to elevate their supplier payments operation.

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