What We Built This Year: How Paladin Improved Influencer Marketing During a Pandemic

What a year it has been!

Even while locked down and at home, the team here at Paladin continued to deliver exciting features that our customers in the influencer marketing space will love. We’ve highlighted some of our biggest releases in 2020 below. Enjoy!

New Platform: TikTok

Paladin added TikTok to our growing list of supported social media platforms! TikTok’s branded content volume has grown tremendously this year, and we made sure to stay on top of the trend.

Track TikTok influencers and their posts


You can now onboard TikTok influencers, track their campaign posts and data, and give them access to their own influencer dashboard. Speaking of which…

Influencer Dashboard on Steroids

We wanted influencers to have a regular destination of their own with a 360 view of their campaign offers and campaigns in progress.

Influencers can view and manage their campaigns and deliverables

Now influencers can view their rate cards, contracts, campaign deliverables, performance data, and payment history from anywhere.

Content Submission and Approval

Content must often be reviewed and approved by clients before it can be published, so we’ve made it easy to manage that process! Influencers can now submit their branded content for approval via the Influencer Dashboard.

Influencers can submit content for approval and review feedback before publishing

Once submitted, posts can be reviewed and shared directly with clients for an extra set of eyes. After reviewing, you can request content edits before publishing, or simply approve it.

Instagram IGTV Post Tracking

As Instagram continues releasing new content formats, we’re here to help you track them. Our influencer campaigns tool now captures IGTV posts so that you can report on these without the hassle of tracking down the influencer for screenshots.

Track campaign data from IGTV posts on Instagram

We include the IGTV posts and their metrics in campaign reports. You can export their data, or share with clients via a live link.

Payments at a Glance

Our robust influencer payments tool has a new and improved new summary view, highlighting the most important insights for each round of payments.

Granular payment reporting is easier than ever

It’s now easier than ever to see the total revenue broken down by source and influencer group, as well as understand your total amount payable to influencers.

Business API

To make it even easier to manage your data collected by Paladin, you can now pull your influencers’ information, payments data, and campaigns data directly via API. This is great if you want to add such data to additional systems in your organization.

As if that wasn’t cool enough, you can also add information to your Paladin dashboard via API, such as creating new campaigns or adding new influencers that you work with. This is perfect for keeping record changes across systems aligned.

And much, much more.

We won’t get into the weeds, but we dropped a ton of other cool stuff worth mentioning, including:

  • Never miss a task with our new Home view calendar
  • Send influencer campaign offers en masse
  • Identify an influencer’s prior sponsored posts
  • Custom fields for campaign reports
  • Custom rate types for creator rate cards
  • Simplified settings
  • VAT calculations and credit notes
  • Unique YouTube revenue shares for owned and operated accounts
  • Robust payment history and carry over balance logs

And (literally) thousands of other improvements, big and small.

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    Need analytics for your TikTok influencer marketing campaign? Look no further. | Paladin Software

    TikTok has taken the world by storm and has quickly turned into one of the most-used social media platforms across the globe. It’s becoming increasingly important for both influencers and brands to have a presence on TikTok, and Paladin is here to support you along the way. 

    As of today, you can now add influencer or brand TikTok accounts to your roster within Paladin’s Creator Relationship Management and Influencer Marketing Campaign Management tools.

    In our Influencer Marketing Campaign Management app, you can track and report on TikTok posts for any added account that is part of your influencer marketing campaign. View detailed statistics on a single video, or aggregated performance across  all TikTok posts in the campaign. Share a live link to the reporting with your client to allow them to track the performance of the sponsored content in real time, across all social media platforms, in one place.

    In our Creator Relationship Management suite, influencers can apply to join your network or influencer agency with their TikTok accounts via the online application form, or connect TikTok accounts through our fully whitelabled Creator Dashboard, where they’ll have access to daily TikTok analytics, campaign post obligations and fulfillment status, and much more.

    Happy tracking! Want to learn more? Check out our full capabilities on our website for Influencer Marketing Campaigns or Creator Relationship Management, or  contact us to request a demo at [email protected]


    TL;DR: What you can do:

    • Add TikTok accounts to your creator roster in Network and Campaigns and see account data such as followers, engagements, and post activity.
    • Track and view TikTok videos and their statistics, including views, likes, comments, and more.
    • Automatically aggregate TikTok videos into your campaigns via hashtag and keyword matching.
    • Share campaign performance through a live link, or automatically generated .pdf and .pptx reports


    Supported TikTok analytics metrics:

    • Followers
    • Video Views
    • Publishing Frequency
    • Likes
    • Comments
    • Shares
    • Total Engagements
    • Engagement rate  
    • Music: Artist name and song title

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