Launching Paladin as a Single Platform

It probably sounds radical for Paladin, as a software company, to say that we’ve done away with products. Products, after all, are the name of the game in the tech business.

If you’re a Paladin user, never fear: you have the same access to our multi-platform network management, payments & revenue system, digital rights monitor, and talent discovery technology. We just changed how you access it all.

That’s right: Paladin is now a single platform, with optional modules depending on what suits your business needs.

It used to be that we offered three separate products: for influencer networks management, for manual claiming on YouTube, and for creator search and recruitment. But several months ago, our team decided that this structure was too limiting. It wasn’t the future of Paladin. We wanted our products be more interconnected.

Why? Here’s the rationale:

  • It’s part of our vision for what Paladin will become. Paladin’s tools, taken together, are intended as a complete solution for influencer networks and agencies. As we continue to grow our capabilities, particularly around data analytics, it’s beneficial to have all your network and influencer information linked across products.
  • It’s more convenient for users. Many of our customers have been using multiple Paladin products. Having a single portal is more convenient, requiring just one login for the Paladin platform.
  • It makes our users’ data safer. A single sign-on to our portal allows us to implement greater security controls and streamlines user management.

The value of Paladin single platform will become increasingly clear as we unveil new features in the coming weeks. If you’re an existing customer, you may have had a demo already (shhh!). If you’re new to Paladin, watch this space for updates.

Would you like to learn more about single-platform Paladin? Contact us.

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MCN Creator Payments Feature Update: Customized Line Items

Today’s fragmented, multi-platform video environment creates challenges for MCNs when calculating and making payments. Creator earnings are not just from YouTube anymore. Branded social campaigns, syndication earnings, merchandise, and other revenue streams all need to be accounted for and distributed.

Our customers have been fantastic collaborators in giving us feedback on their business needs, and at Paladin it’s our role to provide them with the best possible technology in response. This week, Paladin did just that with the introduction of our Line Items feature.

Line Items allow network administrators to easily add earnings to a creator’s monthly payment and label the adjustment to include earnings from any source, whether it’s from a social campaign, Verizon Go90, or any other revenue stream. Admins can also subtract amounts from channel earnings for services rendered such as marketing campaigns or optimization.

We consider multi-channel payments to be an important part of our flagship Network Management Suite, and we frequently iterate our payments solution to adapt to changes in the online video industry.  We did so in response to the YouTube Red announcement last fall, and we believe we were the first to integrate YouTube Red creator payments into an overall payments solution within only a few weeks.

We’ll continue to automate revenue processing and distribution for other major platforms as creator revenue shares are released. We’re excited about continuing to adapt our products to the needs of our customers at MCNs and next-generation media companies, by innovating based on their feedback.

If you’d like to learn more about creator payments solutions, and our tools for managing and scaling your MCN, click to learn more about our Network Management Suite.

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