6 Essential Tips for Recruiting Social Video Influencers to Your MCN

There is a lot that goes into growing, managing, and monetizing a successful multi-channel network. However, a network is only as valuable as the talent in it, and attracting talent to a new or emerging network can be a challenge.

Working with over 25 MCNs, we at Paladin Software have identified some common traits that have helped our clients grow their channel counts and revenue. Find our 6 keys to success for attracting, onboarding, and retaining video creators on YouTube and other social platforms below:

1. Make it easy for people to apply (and give them a reason to).

Provide a simple form that incorporates YouTube (or other social platform) authentication, allowing you to review a channel’s performance data and compliance data. This is an essential no-brainer.

Motivating creators to apply by clearly communicating the benefits of joining your network is equally important. Common examples of benefits include:

  • Favorable contract terms
  • Access to software tools
  • Royalty-free creative assets like music or stock footage
  • Help with growth strategy and promotion
  • New revenue opportunities from brand marketing, content syndication, content claiming, or merchandise
  • Recruitment revenue shares

Make sure to follow through on the value-add that your marketing is based on to build a positive reputation in the MCN and creator community.

2. Know your applicant.

When you’re growing a network from zero, every cent counts. It may be tempting to accept all comers until you’re generating enough cash flow to re-position yourself as a premium network. But a network’s brand is a fickle thing, and your relationship with YouTube is delicate.

Accepting enough bad actors can get your CMS invitation permission revoked indefinitely, so be sure to screen your applicants carefully. Some things to consider when screening applicants:

  • Do they have any copyright or community strikes?
  • Do they meet a solid minimum popularity threshold for subscribers and recent views?
  • Do you think they have growth potential and will be marketable in the future?

3. Check in after accepting talent into your network.

Be sure to check in on creators after they join to confirm their content is still representative of what they had when they first applied. It is fairly common that channels will apply with authentic-looking content, and following acceptance into a network they post ripped content that is owned by third parties, becoming a magnet for copyright strikes.

4. Make sure contracts and payment data are accessible.

One thing talent loves is transparency. Make sure they have access to, or that you send copies of, their contract and payment information as it becomes available. Build your own, or license a technology solution such as Paladin’s Network Management Suite that makes all their information available for review at any time through a creator dashboard.

5. Be responsive to support inquiries.

Perhaps the biggest complaint about MCNs is that they offer poor talent service. If someone asks a question, respond quickly. If you can’t understand them or don’t think you’re on the same page, take the time to follow up.

Be respectful and patient. It takes a lot of time and energy to make a video, let alone many videos in the case of the aspiring YouTube professional.  This is their baby. If a creator is having an issue, be prepared to respond to emotions in a sensitive manner.

Also be aware that good relationships with creators are in your best interest as a business. The nature of working with social influencers is that they have a large digital soapbox to stand on. If you cultivate a poor interaction, talent can use their digital reach to harm your network’s brand.

There are some excellent support platforms out there like Intercom that can help you manage the inbound support requests in a timely manner.

6. Identify winnable recruitment opportunities.

In most cases, it requires deep pockets and a lot of relationship management to attract talent that have already reached super-star status. If your network has the means to attract and sign a highly monetizable top creator, do it. But for most MCNs this isn’t an option.

Fear not! You may not be able to sign PewDiePie, but you may be able to sign the next PewDiePie. If you identify new high-growth creators that are just starting out, and cultivate a positive relationship with them to retain them in your network, over time you can help them grow them into top talent.

Paladin’s Talent Locator can help you identify your ideal recruiting targets that align with your brand or network. For example, find an emerging gamer who has more than 1,000 YouTube subscribers, that isn’t part of an existing network, and whose views and subscribers have grown by 5x in the last 90 days.

As you’ve probably noticed, the main themes of our advice are attentiveness and vigilance.  Be accessible and helpful to your potential and onboarded creators, while ensuring that your network attracts and retains talent who are positive actors in the video community.  With that in mind, recruit away!

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    Introducing Paladin Software

    We are in the midst of a revolution.

    In the traditional media economy, content production, programming, and distribution decisions were made by few and broadcast to many. Today, smartphone proliferation and the popularity of social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat have turned that model on its head, enabling anyone to be a creator. Such technological and cultural changes have democratized access to content creation, distribution, and monetization, and millions of people all over the world have embraced the creator moniker, especially young people. Now, we have vloggers, “let’s play” gamers, unboxers, makeup tutorialists, and countless social influencers, building brands and amassing loyal audiences that rival and even eclipse those of traditional media outlets.

    The numbers are crazy, and they’re only getting bigger.

    Our Mission

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    Paladin Software emerged to serve MCNs and other next-generation media companies, and in turn, empower the creators that they represent. At Paladin, we build tools to save people time and help them scale their businesses. We aim to make people’s lives easier so they can focus on supporting their creators and producing great content.

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    Our name evokes the tenacity and integrity that I admire most about our team. This business has been built by those unwilling to give up. It’s been built by late nights and early mornings, doing things right, and doing the right things. And it’s been built by an uncompromising commitment to excellence – not by following others, but by a focused pursuit on what we do best.

    Long-Term Focus

    On our first day as Paladin, I am incredibly proud of what we’ve accomplished. Our platform powers 25 leading MCNs and two of the world’s largest media companies, providing support for more than 200,000 content creators. We’re grateful for how far we’ve come, though we recognize there’s still a long way to go.

    The online video industry is still very much in its infancy, and we’re excited to play a role in this media and entertainment revolution. There are so many things we want to build, and we are eager for our customer’s feedback as we continue to evolve our platform.

    We’re just getting started and extremely excited for the journey ahead.

    James Creech
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