• Alexandra Teja

A Guide to Influencer Marketing in the Fashion Industry

Fashion influencer marketing connects people with the runway and fast fashion in ways that TV commercials and magazine advertisements cannot. Instead of relying on supermodels to sell their clothing, brands can create powerful campaigns using real people and the power of social media.

After all, social media has shifted how the fashion industry connects with its customers. Instead of turning to the likes of Elle and Vogue, we’re more inclined to get inspiration from the real-life personalities we follow online. If you’re a fashion brand interested in leveraging influencer marketing to promote your products, this guide is the perfect place to get started.

Key Takeaways

  • Instead of strictly working with celebrities, brands can position themselves as accessible and relatable by working with average people who have built an engaged social media following.

  • To work with fashion influencers, you don’t just have to send free products. Influencers can promote your sales, host giveaways, and even offer exclusive discount codes to their audience.

  • To ensure a successful campaign, it’s all about choosing the right influencers. Select your influencer partners based on your target audience and who will best represent your brand values.

TikTok star Remi Bader showing off an Aerie product haul.

What is Fashion Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is all the rage because it provides brands with an entirely new way to connect with potential customers. And in the world of fashion, everyone from luxury designers to fast-fashion brands are partnering with influencers to great success. Just look at Aerie, who has partnered with TikTok personalities to promote its products.

When influencers use their platform (whether it’s YouTube, Instagram, or another social media account) to talk about your brand, it’s a powerful way to get noticed. Sometimes all it takes is a single post for your brand’s popularity to explode online. Influencer marketing can quickly boost awareness and build trust because social media platforms reach hundreds of millions of daily active users. Vogue magazine, for comparison, only reaches 22.5 million monthly readers, which simply doesn’t compare.

Influencer Marketing Ideas for Fashion Brands

Luckily, there are many ways to collaborate with influencers, depending on what is best for your brand and your long-term goals. The more creative you get, the more your campaign will stand out, thus generating positive results like increased social followers, engagement, and sales for your brand. Here are a few ideas:

  • Product Promotion: The most common approach to fashion influencer campaigns is to send free products to an influencer or allow them to shop your online store with a set budget in mind. Then, they can style the clothes and feature your products in blogs, social media posts, or even Stories.

  • Promote Sales With Affiliate Links: To ensure your next sale is a hit, have influencers promote it on social media by sharing some of their favorite products. By using an affiliate link, influencers can earn a commission on each sale, making it more enticing for them to deliver new customers for your brand. One of the best examples of this is fashion bloggers promoting the yearly Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

  • Exclusive Discount Codes: Everyone loves to save money, which is why creating unique discount codes for each influencer can be a great way to drive sales and measure which influencers are delivering the most traffic to your site.

  • Have a Social Media Takeover: If you’re looking for something different than a typical sponsored post, try a full-fledged social media takeover. An influencer can take control of your brand’s Instagram account, for example, for the entire day. Have the influencer post updates to your feed and/or your Instagram Stories to present a fun, relatable way to drive their fans to your social pages.

3 Tips for a Successful Fashion Influencer Marketing Campaign

An influencer marketing campaign can’t be thrown together at the last minute. It requires careful research and planning to get things right. Keep these three tips in mind to help make your fashion influencer campaign a success:

1. Decide What You Want to Gain from a Collaboration

Before diving in, outline the goals for your influencer campaign. What are you looking to achieve by working with a fashion influencer? Do you want to boost brand awareness, grow your social following, or drive sales?

Knowing your end goal also tells you which metrics to track to see if a given influencer relationship is a fruitful one. If you see that a campaign has performed well, you’ll know that a particular influencer is worth working with again in the future.

2. Determine the Type of Campaign You’d Like to Run

Ultimately, you want to consider the type of campaign that will best help you reach your goals. Do you expect the best results from a sponsored social post? Or would it be more effective to host a giveaway or offer an exclusive discount code?

As you experiment with influencer marketing, you’ll gain a better sense of what works for your brand and what doesn’t. The key here is to test, learn, and continue to iterate on your marketing strategy.

3. Choose the Right Influencers for Your Campaign

As a brand, you always want to work with influencers who have an audience you want to target. If an influencer’s existing audience isn’t going to be interested in your products, the campaign won’t be successful. Don’t just choose someone because he or she has a large following. A loyal, engaged following is key, which is why smaller influencers can still make for a powerful collaboration.

Another important element to consider when choosing your influencer partners is equity and inclusion. Each marketing campaign is an opportunity for your brand to incorporate influencers from various backgrounds and with different body types to make sure your messaging is representative of your target audience.

Generate Awareness With a Fashion Influencer Marketing Campaign

Influencer marketing isn’t going anywhere. If you want to ensure people talk about and recommend your brand, now is the time to get started. Paladin can help you search for influencers to partner with, manage your campaigns, and measure performance.

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