What is Paladin?

Paladin is an enterprise software company that provides technology solutions for next-generation media companies.

Our Network Management Suite helps multi-channel networks (MCNs) manage and grow their businesses — from creator onboarding and contracts to financial management and payments. Our Digital Rights Management Suite helps content owners protect and monetize their intellectual properties on the world’s largest video platforms.

Paladin operates worldwide with offices in Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Oslo, and Kraków.

Can your software help me grow and manage my network?

Absolutely – our software facilitates network growth and management.

The Talent Locator, a powerful search engine for social influencers, can help grow your network through targeted recruitment. Visit this page to learn more or contact our team for a product demo.

The Network Management Suite is a comprehensive platform for onboarding, paying, and supporting the creators in your network. Visit this page to learn more or contact our team for a product demo.

I want to create a custom onboarding experience for some creators. Does your software support this?

Yes, you can manually add individual creators to your network for a tailored application process. Our onboarding software also allows you to share a different contract with various types of creators, if the terms vary.

Do you offer software customization options, or can you help build a new feature specific to our business?

We would be happy to review your specific needs. Please contact us to discuss.

My network is small – will I still benefit from using your software?

Yes, Paladin’s software can benefits companies of all sizes. In fact, we’ve helped many small networks accelerate their growth and effectively scale their businesses. Having a strong foundation in place can allow you to dedicate time and resources to more important things like supporting your creators, producing great content, and growing your business.

How much does it cost to license your software?

Paladin offers a tiered pricing structure based on your company’s needs and usage requirements. We build our products for companies of all shapes and sizes, so this pricing structure allows you to start small and scale costs as you grow. Please contact us to learn more about pricing and put together a package that will best meet your needs.

How does using your software benefit the creators in my network?

Our Creator Dashboard, the creator-facing portion of the Network Management Suite, is designed to serve your network partners. Among the benefits for creators are easy access to channel analytics, helpful guides and articles, tools for channel growth in the third-party apps marketplace, and the opportunity to connect and collaborate with other creators in the community. Learn more here or request a demo.

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