Top 4 Things Creators Want From Your MCN [With GIFs!]

The MCN/Partner relationship has changed over the years, and so has the value proposition that MCNs (or any influencer network, for that matter) must make to their potential partners. From working closely with creators and MCNs alike, I’ve noticed these benefits in particular are important to video creators when considering an MCN:

1. $$$


Money (or cash as some call it) is sweeping the nation. A new Gallup poll indicates that 100% of humans are concerned about money.

Your partners are within that 100%, and know what they want when it comes to payments:

Transparency – knowing how much they are paid, and when they are paid it. This may sound simple, but it is a common complaint among creators because scrutiny is raised when you are taking some of their revenue. Clarity on when they will be paid, and why they will be paid that amount, is crucial.

Opportunities to make more cash – this can be from brand deals, free tools, fair rev splits, etc. Making sure that your financial value proposition is as concrete as possible to your creators is key.

Expected growth – but there’s simply too much competition in today’s MCN landscape. Even vague growth stats from a recruiter will attract top talent to your network. On that note…

2. Growth


If there’s one commonality between creators, it’s the thirst for more views. From the top of the YT mountain (PewDiePie) to the lowliest YT basin (my channel, “Max Does Baking”) creators all want more views. So how can you help?

Having average growth stats for channels in your network is great, but everyone provides that for the most part. A few ways you can really illustrate your growth opportunities and set yourself apart are by:

  • Providing specific case studies with links to the aspirational channels in your network
  • Showing examples of cross-promotion
  • Providing a community where creators can easily collaborate on videos with other network partners
  • Sharing access to technology that can increase channel visibility

3. Technology


Do you even tech, bro? YouTube provides more and more technical solutions for creators’ pain points by the year, so MCNs need to go above and beyond to make sure the technology they offer their creators is cutting-edge and valuable. This can be done in-house or by partnering with some of the great third-party software that’s out there. Buying third-party software in bulk can be a cost-effective measure that adds value to your content and is a major selling point to creators to join your network.

It also can help creators to have a….

4. Voice


The decision to join a network is one creators don’t take lightly. Most look at a variety of different options and do an in-depth assessment on whether joining your MCN is worth it.

When they hopefully do join your network, the last thing they want is to feel like they are forgotten upon signing up.

This feeling can happen when there’s not someone to communicate with. With so many partners this can be a tough one, but having solutions to communicate quickly with all, some, or one of your partners is necessary. If your network is too large – I suggest looking for instant messaging services like Intercom. In my experience, it is much quicker and more effective than emails.

Another way to provide your partners with a voice is to foster a sense of community and collaboration within your network. Partners within a network enjoy interacting with one another, so giving them a platform to meet others is almost always well received.

Stay tuned for future lists.  I have to get back to “Max Does Baking” videos.  This week I make a quiche.


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