Solving for the 3 Biggest Challenges of Manual Claiming

We admit it: we’re big Content ID geeks. Digital rights management? Yes please. Exhibit A is our recent blog from Paladin CEO James Creech about the effectiveness of manual claiming on YouTube. He demonstrated that we’ve put tons of thought into finding and claiming videos missed by automated matching.

Our Rights Monitor app is designed to streamline manual claiming, and of course we believe in our product. But we were still hearing from customers about three outstanding challenges they had in scaling manual claims:

1. Repetition

Placing a manual claim is tedious and repetitive, requiring many clicks.

2. Tentpoles

Customers with event-based or viral content, such as a tentpole movie trailer, have been refreshing searches constantly and combing through already-screened videos to place suitable claims.

3. Organization

Organization of search terms and Asset IDs associated with each property is challenging, and handled differently by each team.

Our aim is to improve the way claiming teams work. In that vein, we’ve recently added new features to address these challenges.

Quick Claim

We fought back on repetition by reducing the number of meaningless clicks necessary for claiming. The Quick Claim feature allows a claimer to methodically review the set of videos captured by a search, then click once to claim all of the verified content.

The big picture impact is that a claiming team’s work becomes more focused and less tedious, allowing more time to find missing revenue and reach significant benchmarks.


Event Claim

One of the greatest potential sources of lost revenue on YouTube is viral videos, movie trailers, and other marquee content that exponentially accumulate views within the first 48 hours of upload. Think of the Rogue One trailer, or a classic viral video like David After Dentist.

Our solution to the tentpole problem is programmed searches that refresh automatically, in nearly real time, to capture these properties. We call it Event Claim.

Search Folders

We’ve addressed the problem of organization in maintaining the many search terms and assets required to claim a property. Rights Monitor’s folder system makes it possible to group all the search information (e.g. search terms) together in one place. For example, a folder could contain one asset (say, a film from a very famous sci-fi franchise) and the 4-5 search terms that will net a result for that asset. This way, users won’t have to keep switching assets.


We’re excited about the combination of Search Folders and Quick Claim to expedite manual claiming: folders with neatly organized assets and matching sets of search terms at the ready, with the ability to scan video results and claim with one click instead of 20+. This powerful duo will change the way your team claims.

That’s what you get from techies like us who have nothing better to do than solve pain points, help our customers find lost revenue, and make life in the digital video business a little easier. At least, that’s our goal. And we couldn’t do it without the feedback of our customers.

We’re looking forward to seeing the results of our solutions to the most common challenges of manual claiming.

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