Brands and Social Video Influencers: Collaboration Advice from Gabe Gordon, Managing Partner of Reach Agency

This week on All Things Video, the premier podcast about the online video industry, hosts James Creech and Sarah Ullman interview Reach Agency’s Gabe Gordon. Gabe has years of experience as a strategist working with major brands such as Nestle, WalMart, and the NFL. Formerly of William Morris Endeavor Entertainment, he founded social video creative agency Reach.

Check out the podcast here.  It’s also on iTunes or via the Stitcher Radio app for Google Play.


Strategies for branded content success, including:

  • The importance of leveraging digital platforms’ real-time audience feedback.
  • The recommendation that brands should partner with influencers based on strength of storytelling and content, as well as synergy with the brand itself, rather than audience numbers alone.

Success stories, such as Reach’s partnership with Jash to produce a video that performed so well online that it became a Grammy’s TV spot.

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