RIP Screen Shots: Instagram Stories Tracking is Here

New Campaigns Features from Paladin Software

If you work on branded content with Instagram creators you know the drill. Make sure to screen capture the creator’s stories before they expire, either by asking the creator to do it and praying they deliver, or by juggling their login and praying harder it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

We’re happy to announce we’ve fixed all that.

Today in Paladin Software’s Campaigns we offer media and data storage for Instagram Stories. Send a quick account authorization link to the creator you’re working with and we will instantly track all of the account owner’s new stories and their performance data. 

Performance data for every Instagram Story.

A quick rundown of what you can do:

  • View Stories anytime, even after they expired. No more screenshots!
  • Keep Stories forever and easily share their data, including impressions, reach, and more.
  • Automatically add stories to your Campaign with hashtags & keywords matching.
  • Easily share Campaign performance via weblink, or automatically generated .pdf or .pptx reports.

Stories tracking adds to a number of new features now available in Campaigns:

  • See audience demographics and geography for Instagram creators.
  • Track Twitch creators and live stream metrics.
  • Track creator post obligations and fulfillment.
  • Set campaign impression or video view goals.
  • Set and share creator rate cards.
  • Much more!

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