Influencer Marketing Platform Paladin partners with Payment Rails for Global Influencer Payouts

Toronto, Canada – 28th February 2019Payment Rails, the global payouts platform for the on-demand economy that enables businesses to send fast and low-cost payouts anywhere around the world, has partnered with Paladin Software to help its clients simplify their payouts to influencers globally.

Paladin, the leading influencer marketing platform for agencies and media companies, powers royalty accounting and payment facilitation for more than 250,000 content creators globally. When they explored  a deeper partnership to help their customers simplify their monthly influencer payments, they found Payment Rails to be an excellent solution.

“After speaking with the team at Payment Rails, it was clear that their API-first global payout solution was  a fantastic choice for us and our customers.” said Thomas Kramer, Co-Founder & COO of Paladin. “ From automating the collection of bank information and tax forms to providing low transaction fees, Payment Rails is the ideal partner for us.”

“Having already worked with a number of influencer agencies, it made perfect sense for us to explore a deeper partnership with Paladin,” said Tim Nixon, CEO & Founder of Payment Rails. “Most big brands and creator networks have influencers all around the globe. We allow Paladin to focus on the core aspects of their business by making complex international payment processes and tax form collection simple and smooth. With built-in features like bank account validation, approval workflows, white-label email notifications, and live payment tracking, Payment Rails makes  payouts easy for Paladin’s customers.”

Paladin is mission control for influencer management. Trusted by media companies in 30+ countries across six continents, the Paladin platform streamlines influencer discovery, campaign management, and reporting across YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Twitch. Paladin operates globally, with offices in North America  (Los Angeles, USA), Europe (Kraków, Poland), and Asia (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam).

Payment Rails simplifies global payouts for the on-demand economy. Its customers include influencer platforms, affiliate referral platforms, freelancer platforms, two-sided marketplaces, short-term accommodation platforms, rideshare platforms, and growing businesses with international payout needs. With Payment Rails’ global payout platform, businesses can automate their payouts, saving time and reducing transaction costs by up to 90%.

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Influencer Marketing Just Got Smarter: Paladin Unveils Software To Simplify Social Campaign Management

Paladin adds a robust social media campaign tool to its productivity platform for influencer networks and digital media companies.

Los Angeles, November 29, 2017 – Paladin, a management platform for new media companies and social influencer networks, today launched its social campaign management solution, called Campaigns. The feature makes influencer marketing campaigns more strategic, efficient, and results-driven, helping digital media professionals to find and package talent, share information with clients using a customized dashboard, monitor campaign progress, and visualize cross-platform performance.

Managing influencer marketing campaigns is no easy task. Staff of talent agencies and new media companies must source suitable, brand-safe talent. They need to monitor the implementation of the campaign, not to mention track progress across platforms with reliable metrics. Paladin empowers digital media professionals to streamline the entire workflow.

“In an age of ad blockers and decreasing effectiveness of interruptive advertising, influencer marketing offers a more authentic way to engage an audience,” said James Creech, Co-Founder and CEO of Paladin. “Digital media companies need workflow tools to manage influencer campaigns successfully.”

Campaigns enables users to browse influencer profiles, complete with multi-platform viewership, engagement, and audience demographic data. Users can view an influencer’s recent posts and performance, package talent into curated lists for RFP responses and client review, and follow campaign progress in real time on their dashboard.

Campaigns also delivers comprehensive, exportable wrap-up reporting with aggregated post data across YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter – including views, engagement, watch time, and audience demographics.

The Paladin platform, which is built on the largest authenticated social video data footprint of its kind, processes more than 35 billion social video views per month and counts among its customers Fullscreen, Studio71, ESL, and AwesomenessTV, among many others.

“Those developing integrated marketing campaigns need time to develop creative ideas and cultivate talent relationships, rather than using their energy to update pitch decks or campaign progress reports,” said Creech. “Paladin solves this problem by providing a central location for everyone to review talent that’s been pitched, view campaign creative, and have a deep understanding of audience consumption.”

About Paladin

Paladin is mission control for social video. Trusted by media companies in 25+ countries across five continents, the Paladin platform streamlines creator management, payments, data insights, and influencer campaigns on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Paladin operates globally, with offices in the U.S. (Los Angeles, California), Europe (Kraków, Poland), and Asia (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam).

If you’d like to try Campaigns, please get in touch.

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