Introducing TubeBuddy Launch Pad!

The painstaking, sometimes mundane, and always crucial YouTube channel optimization tasks recommended by experts can be a real challenge for individual creators. Maintaining an upload schedule, regularly producing and posting quality videos, not to mention taking the time to engage with an audience, is already a huge job.

TubeBuddy has helped take that workload off the shoulders of creators, enabling them to more easily optimize their channels through seamless bulk updates, video SEO, and content distribution to platforms including Facebook. As some readers will know, Paladin is proud to offer an exclusive enterprise version of the TubeBuddy toolkit. This allows our MCN clients to license TubeBuddy and offer it free of charge to their creators, or use it to optimize managed partner channels.

Last week, the intrepid tech team at TubeBuddy introduced a new feature called Launch Pad. Launch Pad is a unified toolset that uses TubeBuddy technology to assess how creators can improve their channels and follow best practices, each and every time they upload a new video.

Here on the Paladin blog, we’ll be highlighting a new Launch Pad feature each week. Our friend Phil Starkovich, CEO of TubeBuddy, will explain the details. Take it away, Phil!

Thanks Lisa! We’ve been hard at work building Launch Pad over the last few months and are excited to finally show it off. We truly believe that this new suite of tools will help guide creators and brands in the right direction on YouTube, as well as to help each video reach its maximum potential. There are three core pieces to Launch Pad – an Upload Checklist, a Best Practice Auditor and an Opportunity Finder.

Upload Checklist

There are a million things to remember with each new upload. Optimize your title, tags and descriptions, add cards, create a high resolution thumbnail, include the video in a playlist, share the video on social media, etc. Missing any of these key steps could be the difference between a viral hit and a flop.

With the new Upload Checklist integrated directly into the upload page on YouTube, you will never forget an important step again.

Although the Checklist comes pre-populated with ten standard tasks recommended by the YouTube Creator Playbook and Creator Academy, users can completely customize and modify the list to suit their own needs. In addition, users have the option of importing an upload checklist from their favorite YouTube expert.

For a complete walk-through on getting started with the Upload Checklist, please check out the following video:

Are you interested in TubeBuddy Enterprise for your MCN?  Contact us.

If you’re a creator and you’d like to try Launch Pad, visit this page.


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