All Hail the Mighty Tag: Feature Announcement

In the online video industry, we are often quick to categorize creators and networks by “vertical.” It’s an easy way of organizing people and content by one standout attribute, but influencers don’t usually fit into just one category. Hannah Hart isn’t only a comedy creator. PewDiePie has reached beyond his original concept – video games. Lilly Singh vlogs, acts, and makes the world safe for unicorns.

So when working with influencers as a multi-platform network staffer, it helps to note the myriad ways they’re cool. Particularly if you intend to pursue brand deals and other opportunities with them. You’ll know what synergies exist between that creator and a brand or project.

To that end, Paladin has added Creator Tags for multi-platform network administrators and recruiters/talent managers. As a new feature of our Network Management toolset, Creator Tags make it easy to:

  • Place creators in established categories during onboarding or add notes during specific projects
  • Engage in greater collaboration with colleagues from other business units by sharing tag information
  • Respond to RFPs and other sales processes when searching by tag for influencers who meet brand criteria

Creator Tagging

The intent behind Creator Tags is to track any piece of information that will help you develop and guide the careers of influencers, and to prepare for brand campaigns: if they’re a VIP, whether they’re interested in brand deals, how brand safe they are, and details of their presence beyond solely their vertical (e.g. which games do gamers specialize in, does a lifestyle vlogger have children, etc).

Network Management users can now input useful information about creator partners during onboarding, simply by creating a tag. Once you’ve added a tag to the system, “brand safe” for example, that tag will pop up as an autocomplete option for you and colleagues in the future. This makes it possible to establish a legend or nomenclature for creator types, and attributes, that will be consistent across your network.

Creator Tags are not just for onboarding. You can tag influencers at any point during their membership in your network. If you work on a project with a specific creator and want to note how excellent (or challenging) they were to work with, you can do that too.

Search by Tags

So you’re responding to an RFP, or preparing a pitch for a brand campaign. Creator Tags make it easy to enter a number of key factors or brand requirements and, with a simple search, find exactly the right influencer(s) for the project.

From a business intelligence perspective, searching by tags allows for targeted data-gathering and analysis of the types of creators in your network. Remember that the feature can be used by any business unit within your network that has the appropriate permissions in our Network Management toolset.

The Point

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’ll know that we strive to build the best Creator Relationship Management (CRM) system in the world. Creator Tags, along with the multi-platform One User profiles announced last week, increase our software’s ability to serve all kinds of influencer networks and marketing use cases.

Do you want to try Creator Tags? Get in touch here.


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