The European MCN Experience: Onlane’s Jonatan de Boer

On the latest All Things Video episode, host James Creech speaks with Jonatan de Boer, Managing Director of Dutch MCN Onlane. Jonatan ran an artist management agency prior to joining Mediakraft as Country Manager for the Netherlands in 2013.  He grew the Mediakraft Netherlands network to more than 160 creators, and remains with the company post-acquisition by Media Lane this spring.  On the podcast, Jonatan explains how the network was re-branded as Onlane.

Check out the podcast here.  It’s also on iTunes or via the Stitcher Radio app for Google Play.

Highlights include:

  • The contrast between American and European MCNs, in terms of regional focus, audience, and investment.
  • The potential rise of international superpowers in the MCN landscape.
  • The steps VidCon could take to appeal to European audiences at upcoming satellite events.

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