From MCN to studio and global media brand: AwesomenessTV’s Chief Digital Officer Kelly Day

This week on All Things Video, the premier podcast about the online video industry, host James Creech interviews Kelly Day, Chief Digital Officer at AwesomenessTV.  Formerly an executive at Blip Networks and the Discovery Channel, Kelly initially declined the role at AwesomenessTV.  After a change of heart, she moved from New York to grow the pre-eminent media brand for teens (particularly young women).

Check out the podcast here.  It’s also on iTunes or via the Stitcher Radio app for Google Play.

Highlights include:

  • Digital studios as the future of film distribution: Kelly describes AwesomenessTV’s first movie to reach #1 on iTunes and notes the potential for digitally distributed films to go wide.  Awesomeness Films’ upcoming Before I Fall is one to watch.
  • Shifts in UGC platforms: Kelly notes the quality production values now expected by YouTube audiences and how many creators were initially slow to embrace Facebook as a video platform.
  • Kelly’s enthusiasm for international expansion, notably in Europe and Latin America and her belief that MCNs are “a great talent platform.”

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