All Things Video: Technology for MCNs and MPNs with AwesomenessTV’s Brett Ulrich and Blavity’s Rico Moorer

This week’s episode of All Things Video is a panel of online video experts whose business is technology solutions for next-generation media companies.  Host James Creech chats with Rico Moorer, VP Video for Blavity, and Brett Ulrich, Head of Engineering for AwesomenessTV, about their experiences using and creating software solutions for MCNs and new media companies that are focused on the millennial demographic.

Check out the podcast here.  It’s also on iTunes or via the Stitcher Radio app for Google Play.

Highlights include:

  • The growing role of “technology evangelists” within new media companies to fill the space between content, content delivery, and data.
  • New product advice: “Get it in front of people and watch them.”
  • Media tech solutions admired by the panelists, such as in-house software developed by Buzzfeed and Netflix.

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