Relationship-Building for YouTube Audience Growth: All Things Video with Matt Gielen

This week on the All Things Video podcast, hosts James Creech and Luke Wang talk with Matt Gielen, former VP of Programming and Audience Development at Frederator Networks. Matt discovered his interest in audience development while marketing The Graduates, a film he produced with his brother. Having accumulated significant experience in channel growth since, Matt has become an expert on the subject: you may find his writings on the YouTube algorithm here. Watch for his new business endeavor, a digital consultancy called Little Monster, to officially launch soon.

Discussion highlights from this episode:

  • The key differences between YouTube and Facebook as video platforms, the need for “relationship-building” between creators and viewers, and the importance of knowing “what to value and what not to value” in video views and other metrics.
  • The ramifications of one ill-performing video on the performance of an entire YouTube channel.
  • Thoughts on business opportunities in online video over the next two years, including technology to conduct thumbnail A/B testing, complex session duration analytics, and the growing industry of content creation for SVOD services and platforms.

Listen to All Things Video on Acast or iTunes.

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